Modellahz diaries

Monday, 25 January 2016

The Man Of My Dreams...

He is the man that my father always told me about, the one that I would one day meet. Father referred to him as my prince. Although I thought that those kind of things only ever happened in fairy tales, as I am not a princess no matter how much father would say otherwise. Father told me about a man and how he is going to take my arm and guide me along the street, he would make me feel like I was royalty by the simplest of things. I matter so much to him and I don't even know it, he is always looking out for me and yet, I think he never shows it.
Today is the day, the day that I have been waiting for. Many weeks have passed by now, since we were last in each other's arms and I long more than anything to be back there. Although, I’m not sure he feels the same way. My heart is ruling me and my mind is telling me that it may be too late, I feel sick with worry that he might no longer feel the same way. The time comes to meet him at the airport, I have been chatting throughout the day with him updating me on his whereabouts. My heart is now beating so fast I don't understand why no one else can hear it, it is throbbing so loudly under my chest and it’s the only sound at times that I can hear. My stomach feels a little queasy and I’m made more anxious by every passing second. Knowing full well that soon enough he will be walking through those arrival doors and right up to you, but what then?? Does he kiss me on the cheek, forehead, lips or do we just shake hands??
It's too late to speculate what he's going to do as you see people exiting through the arrival door. It almost feels as though time has slowed down, I’m suddenly aware of my breathing and how fast it is, I try and bring it back into a normal rhythm but have no such luck. He is here, I can see the top of his head appearing above the crowd but I’m unable to see his face due to my height; he is still a little bit away from me but I don't move, I wait for him to get to me, as if when he does I will know what to do. When he comes out of the crowd he makes his way to me in a fast motion, he drops his bags on the floor and replaces me where they once were. He brings his face to mine and kisses my lips, the kiss is so enchanting sending my emotions all over the place and not to mention my heart beating even faster every beat only wanting him more. Before I know it the kiss is over and he has picked up his bags, he holds out his arm for me to take and I walk side by side to my house. Conversation flows so well between us and it feels as though he never left.
Remember, before when I thought that he didn't feel the same way anymore, well in a way I was right. He doesn't love me as much as he did when he left, simply because he loves me even more than he did then, more than I ever thought possible. We spend the walk back laughing and smiling with each other the excitement reeling off me in waves not quite believing my eyes that he is right there before me, but restraining myself from rubbing them to make sure. The two of us get along so well some might even believe we were meant for each other, I’m not the same person but then again I’m not completely different let's call it the correct balance.
When we got back to my house and into my room, we both laid down on the bed and just cuddled each other relishing in the warmth of each other's bodies and catching up on what the other has missed. After a long while of talking, laughing, kissing and cuddling it's time for food. I prepare a meal for him but now I’m worried that he may not like it, I don't let on anything and get up to fetch it. When I bring the meal back with me, I watch him tentatively eating and ask if it’s ok, he nods and I just lie back down and smile letting him carry on eating. By the time he has finished I was already asleep, the weight of the world finally lifted of my shoulders and a relaxing presence in its place. When he finished he places the plate on the desk and moves down next to me gently accidentally waking me up. I am glad of the wakeup call as he is better than any dream I could possibly imagine.
He apologises again for waking me up but I’m taking none of it, I sit up and pretend to stretch but instead tackle him down onto the bed and kiss all the way down his face and stopping only when I got to his chin, letting the bristles from his beard touch my lips. As I stop kissing him and move myself up so I can look at his face, he looks at me in a way that makes my heart race, I know what he wants as it's the same thing I do. A special cuddle as he refers to it as. I move down to his stomach and gently lift his shirt, kissing down from his collar bone and slowly making my way down to his trousers. I stop to look up at him as if to ask if he wishes for me to go on but not wanting to say the words aloud. He starts to sit up and takes off his shirt, I help and before I know it mine is off too. Before I carry on I help him take off his trousers and he takes off mine. Now we both stood before each other in just our underwear taking each other in, eyes running up and down the other to see if anything has changed in the time that has passed. I kneel down on the soft and warm carpet and kiss his stomach and work my way down to the top of his boxers, kissing around the elastic. I look up at him as I pull down his boxers, to reveal a rather large and memorable part of his anatomy that makes me breathless, even more than running does. He helps to fully undress me, taking no time with your bra as he expertly takes it off using only one hand. After our special cuddle that we both rather enjoyed, we both clean up and share the shower as its apparently more romantic that way, or just another excuse to see each other naked. We kiss in the shower and it's almost like we are ready to repeat what happened only a few minutes ago. I pull back and focus on the task of showering trying to stop myself from just spending the whole weekend with my hands on him and my lips on his. Although he knows that he is my biggest distraction. He takes the shower gel from me and puts a small amount onto his hands gently rubbing them together to create a lather before placing his hands on me and rubbing them up and down my body making sure I haven't missed anything. I enjoy the sensation of his hands running up and down my body, every so often I bite my lip like Anastasia in Fifty shades of grey. Of course he notices as this is the reaction he has been waiting for knowing that he is getting to me and slowly but surely turning me on again. I want nothing more than to pleasure him as he has me. I push my chest against his and turn the shower head to his back so that the water doesn't trickle down his body and into my mouth. I start gently and slowly knowing that it’s tender there, I go deeper and I hear him take a breath and feel his knees shake. I’m trying not to smile knowing that what I’m doing is working and I will only lose my concentration. After a while he stops me and pulls me to my feet locking his lips to mine. I stand there kissing, with the warmth of the water flowing between us. It seems as though the kiss will never end, my arms are around his neck and his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. Eventually we both pull away to catch a breath and decide to leave the warmth of the bathroom and retreat into the cold of the bedroom.He lies next to me now, silently sleeping and I can't help but watch his chest gently rise. He is dreaming of something that is making him smile and that smile just makes my heart melt. I love how peaceful he is when he's asleep and how his face doesn't crease into a frown and he is away from torment of work and stress of life. I move down next to him and get myself comfortable only to find a few seconds later that his hand is moving across the bed, he is in search of something. His hand stops once it has found mine and he holds it, he must need to feel close to me even when he is asleep. My wonderful man knows how to make me feel loved even in his sleep he likes to feel close to me and reassure me that all is well. I fall asleep that evening, with his body wrapped around mine holding me in a warm embrace