Modellahz diaries

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Just For You...

'Hey, honey. I am home,' said Daniel as he dropped the keys on the table.
'Hey baby. Welcome home,' said Ella as she walked up to Daniel and pressed a kiss on his cheek.
'I missed you,' whispered Daniel as he held Ella in his arms.
'I missed you too,' said Ella as she withdrew from his embrace. 'How was your day?' asked Ella as she started arranging the table for dinner.
'It couldn't have been worse,' said Daniel loosening his tie. 'It was just another frustrating day. People don't do their work. And in the end, it's me who has to suffer,' said Daniel as he dropped down on the chair.
'Hey, it's alright. I understand,' said Ella softly as she stood behind Daniel.
'Stop working so hard, sweetie,' cooed Ella as she started massaging Daniel's shoulders. 'Take a deep breath and let everything go.'
'Mmm,' said Daniel as Ella sank her fingers into his shoulders.
'You can't work 24/7, baby,' she whispered, 'Rest a little and become stronger for tomorrow.'
'I crave for these massages, Ella,' murmured Daniel.
'Does it feel good?' she asked as she rubbed his sore muscles.
'I want more, Ella baby,' said Daniel as he took her hands into his.
'There will be plenty of time for that, Darlin’. Why don't you freshen up? I will set the table in the meanwhile,' said Ella as she pulled him on to his feet.
'Ok,' sighed a disappointed Daniel as he made his way into the bedroom.
Ella knew that Daniel was working really very hard and that sometimes, people failed to recognize the effort he was putting every day. She planned of doing something special for 'her man' and just then she knew what she had to do.


Daniel took the much needed shower. Ella's massage did wonders to his body and he was feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. He just tied a robe and came out of the shower when he first heard a soft and romantic music coming from the living room. Curious and excited, Daniel made his way into the living room and the scene before his eyes took his breath away.
There was music playing from the stereo. The entire room was dimly lit with the help of candles. And standing on the dining table, in nothing but a sheer pink slip, was Ella. She was playing with her nipples and dancing seductively to the soft hum of the music. As soon as she saw Daniel, she gestured him to sit on the chair which was at the opposite end of the table.
Daniel still kept staring at her as if he was in a trance. She got down from the table and whispered seductively, 'Baby, today is the night for my Fashion Show. So, get ready for the show for your life. This is just for you...'
Daniel couldn't say anything as he sat on the chair reserved for him.
Ella got onto the table with the help of a smaller table. She walked seductively; sashaying to the music and Daniel couldn't do anything but stare and smile….sheepishly. After a few minutes of swaying and walking, Ella got down and went in to the kitchen.
'I will be right back,' murmured Ella as she bent down and stroked Daniel's cheek.
Daniel just nodded. He was mesmerized by Ella's appearance in the outfit. Again the music started playing and Ella entered in a camisole which clung to every curve of her body. She wore a pair of white cotton panties. Her nipples strained against the material as she walked on the table and modelled her next outfit for Daniel. As he reached out to grab her, she looked at him sharply and said, 'No touching, unless I say so.'
With that she again went into the kitchen. His cock was hard and was aching to be touched. Ella again appeared in a teddy and garter. The sight almost made Daniel cum. She walked to the soft melody and swayed seductively. Her long legs were accentuated by the garter and silhouettes. Her body glowed in the candle light and Daniel couldn't take his eyes off the beauty standing before him. He took his cock into his hands and started stroking it.
The music came to a stop and she again went for a change. Daniel waited for Ella and then she made her appearance wearing a see-through sheer white negligee which barely reached her thighs. He knew that she had nothing underneath the negligee. She walked on the table and reached the other end. She climbed down and sauntered towards Daniel. She stroked his cock and kissed him. 
She turned around and moved her hips seductively. She brought his hands and placed them on either side of her waist and started giving him a lap dance. She brushed lightly against his cock and made his cock jump. She then turned around and settled on his lap. She gyrated her hips making Daniel squirm beneath her.
'Did you like the show?' she asked as she traced his lower lip with her tongue. 
'Mmm ...,' murmured Daniel, as he held Ella in his arms and took her mouth for a scorching kiss.
He traced a path from her jaw to her collar bone. He sucked at the skin near her neck giving her a love-bite and eliciting a moan from Ella. Daniel lowered the straps of her negligee and started giving small kisses at every exposed part. Within a few minutes, Ella was naked in Daniel's arms. Not willing to torture himself anymore, he carried her into their bedroom and laid her on the bed. He stripped off his robe and joined her on the bed. 
'For all that teasing in the living room, you will have to pay now,' he said as he kissed her passionately. He then directed his attention to her breasts. He took one nipple into his mouth as he pumped the other breast. Ella grasped the sheets as she tried to stop writhing beneath him. He shifted to the other breast. He pulled and rolled the nipple in his fingertips. Ella arched and moaned.
Daniel proceeded further down south. He traced a path to her belly with his tongue. He separated her thighs and planted soft kisses on her inner thighs. He then moved to her feet and suckled her toes. Ella nearly flew off the bed when he nibbled at the arch of her foot. 
'Stop doing that...,' screeched Ella as she pulled Daniel into her arms for a kiss.
'I was just getting started, baibee,' whispered Daniel as he freed himself from her arms and settled himself between her legs.
'You are so wet,' he said as he parted her folds and licked her clit. His strokes made her wet. She grasped the sheets as he continued his assault. He then inserted his fingers into her already wet coochie. Ella thrust against his fingers.
'I need you in me.... NOW!!!' screamed Ella as she looked at Daniel.
Daniel didn't want to torture her anymore and he held himself on his forearms and guided himself into her. He groaned as soon as his flesh made contact with hers. He kept pounding into her as she raised her hips and met his every thrust. He kept on giving soft kisses and finally growled as he climaxed and took Ella along with him.
He slumped down on Ella and she held him in his arms.
'Just a minute ...,' said Daniel as he tried to roll off Ella.
'Shh... Stay.... You are not that heavy,' she said as she pulled him closer to herself.
'Honeyboo ...' whispered Daniel as he raised himself and stroked her face, 'why did you give that show tonight?'

'Just like that ... You have been working too hard for the past few weeks' said Ella as she kissed Daniel, 'You didn't like it?' she pouted.
Daniel gave a low laugh and rolled onto his back pulling her along with him. 'Why would I not like it, sweetheart?' whispered Daniel as he stroked Ella's hair. 'It was the best show ever...' he murmured as he kissed Ella.

'I love you...' said Ella as she snuggled further into Kevin.

'I love you more,more baibee,' said Daniel as he held Ella in his arms and drifted off to sleep.