Modellahz diaries

Monday, 17 October 2016

After Dark

Having cut the stems at an angle she placed the freshly delivered flowers in a tall glass vase. The delicate fragrance was already filling the room with a heady bouquet. Such an exquisite combination of colours and shapes required admiration. Picking up the card again a smile played across her lips; 

To the lady with the talented fingers. X 

They could be from any one of her clients. It was good to be appreciated and although she received many expensive gifts, flowers were always her favourite. 

Grace Cardoso worked from home as a beauty therapist. Her treatments included facials, peels, body scrubs along with manicures, pedicures, waxing and plucking; you know the kind of thing. Her luxurious, four bedroom, detached house in the Maitama was the perfect location from which to work and extremely convenient. The tall trees around the whole property also protected her from any prying eyes and gave her clients a calming sense of discretion. 

Padding barefoot across the thick white carpet she placed the flowers on the table. Grabbing her coffee she sat down to go through the day's appointments in her diary. Two bikini waxes, one half-leg wax, a dermo peel, one eyebrow shaping and a facial were scheduled for her daytime sessions. On the evening agenda she just had one couple for an intimate massage. 

Looking up at the flowers again her smile widened while remembering the couple she saw last night. She could tell they weren't married even though they had made the booking in as Mr & Mrs. They came across more as Boss and Secretary but that was really none of her business, and it was that attitude that made her the best in the business. 

Mr & Mrs James had arrived promptly at 7.30pm looking more like elicit lovers than man and wife. Most couples would present themselves as married, but the majority of them were nothing of the sort. In fact scrap that, none of her after dark clients were married. 

Grace greeted them warmly before she led the way upstairs to the master suite reserved for the couple treatment sessions. She opened the door and invited them into the beautifully set room. Candles flickered in every corner causing beautiful shadows to dance on the walls. Miguel's Adorn played softly in the background creating a sexual tension as soon as it caressed your ears. 

The centrepiece of the room was a huge two by two bed. The black rubber sheets meant that by the end of the session it would practically become a slippery wrestling ring. The room itself resembled a very plush hotel, everything looked expensive and of course it was. A glass wall revealed a beautiful black marble wet room with a shower big enough to accommodate at least six people comfortably. Scattered Swarovski crystals encrusted in the black marble twinkled like stars in the dim light. 

She conducted her welcome speech by memory, explaining where everything was, where to get undressed and informed them she would be back in five minutes. 

Slipping out of the room and into her own bedroom she removed her white beautician coat. She was looking forward to this; new clients always gave her a buzz of excitement. He was very good looking, forty-five-ish, inquisitive eyes with a tall, athletic build tucked into a tailored suit. She was cute, twenty-five-ish, long brunette hair, slim, petite, very shy and it seemed as though she was his bit on the side. 

Her after dark business as a personal masseuse brought in five times the money her daytime beauty sessions did and were certainly a lot more fun. She had cultivated her client list carefully, selecting only the people that fit her criteria. She personally interviewed them over the phone before accepting or rejecting their application. You couldn't just book an appointment with Grace Cardoso there was a whole process to go through. 

She slipped into her evening uniform, which wasn't any different from the one she wore during the day, except this one was transparent. She wore nothing but her Victoria Secrets body cream beneath the sheer flimsy smock leaving her best assets visible like a beautifully arranged window display. 

She quickly checked herself in the mirror. Her small breasts were pert and the friction of the fabric had caused her nipples to harden. 

Her striking green eyes were sparkling with anticipation and her full lips were swollen by her awakening arousal. 

At forty-two years old she still had the body of a twenty-five year old, she worked hard to keep everything where it should be even against the persistent lure of gravity. Pinning her long dark curls on top of her head she returned to the couple's treatment room. 

Mr & Mrs James were tentatively perched on the edge of the large bed holding hands. The young lady was visibly flustered, nervous, embarrassed even, gripping her towel tight to her chest. He was visibly more relaxed and his obvious appreciation of her attire was becoming prominent below the small towel he held at his waist. 

Grace dimmed the lights to create a more intimate atmosphere and help Mrs James feel a little more at ease. This session had obviously been his idea and the girl was playing along for the first time. Many years in the business had given her some insight into reading body language and it was clear that this young lady was about to have her first experience with a third person involved. A threesome virgin so to speak! 

"Right, shall we get you comfortable?", Grace asked the brunette beauty softly, while gathering her essential oils in a small basket. 

"I'd like you to lie face down for me with your arms by your side and we can get started." 

Keeping her attention focused on the girl she simply informed Mr James "You sir can watch for now if you'd like to take a seat over there," pointing to the large semi reclined chair behind her. 

Once Mrs James was lying face down on the bed, Grace took a hair clip, lifted up the long blrunett hair hanging down her back and pinned it neatly on top of her head. "We don't want to mess up those beautiful locks with oil," she crooned, while removing her transparent smock and hanging it on the back of the door before turning back towards the bed. 

Mr James was now in a full state of arousal and seemed quite comfortable having discarded his towel. His eyes were on her as his hand slowly fondled his swollen member. She could see him taking in every inch of her shapely 5'7″ frame. His eyes devoured her slender body; she could feel them as though they were literally caressing her flesh. 

The young girl was oblivious to her lover's actions as she lay still, rigid with anticipation. Grace elegantly climbed onto the bed, sat on the girls lower back just above her buttocks and felt her tense immediately, fueling her own excitement with the knowledge she would give this young girl the most incredible orgasm of her life. 

Bottle in hand she gently poured a little oil over the girl's shoulders and back and began to gently massage the liquid into her skin. Mrs James was smooth, her flesh was warm to touch and, as Grace leaned forward, her own sex was rubbing against the girl's lower back effortlessly with the help of the oil. She could feel herself already wet as she slid her groin back and forth on the curve of the young woman's back. 

Mr James seemed to be having difficulty breathing, she could tell he was already on the brink of orgasm but he knew he had to wait. His ragged breath was slipping out in bursts between his teeth already sunk deep into his bottom lip. She loved to be watched, it made her feel powerful to be in total control of the pleasure of someone else. He took his hands away from his solid, upright manhood as if he feared it might all be over too soon. His erection twitched with wanting as his fists clenched the arms of the chair. Grace turned her attention back to the slick, oily body between her thighs. 

Trisha, as he'd called her, was beginning to relax and she could feel her lifting her tight buttocks up towards her, trying to give her masseuse more friction. Grace began to deepen the massage, pushing the tension out of the girl's body only to replace it with sexual electricity. Rubbing herself against this young, beautiful body was bringing immense pleasure to them both. Delicately, she traced patterns around the girl's neck and ears and then grazed her fingers down her spine, grinding her core against the lubricated skin. Grace slid herself over the buttocks and down over Trisha's thighs to her calves. This meant she could massage her upper thighs and bottom with precision. 

She parted Trisha's slender legs so she could manipulate each one separately, exposing her sudden excitement. Carefully massaging each thigh while gently grazing her fingers across her opening. The girl began to moan at every touch of Grace's expert fingers; Mr James was doing quite some groaning too and looked as though his head would explode any second. 

"Turn over", Grace ordered, her soft tone now becoming curt and demanding as she unstraddled her legs. Trisha did as she was told and flipped herself over onto her back. Grace moved straight back on top of her sitting so their clitorises were almost touching. Again Grace felt Trisha's hips rise in a desperate bid to be touched. She poured a little more oil over her breasts and stomach and continued to seduce with her fingers. Trisha's nipples immediately responded to the touch of Emmy's hands. 

"Would you like to join us now?" she said, beckoning to a very red faced Mr James. He didn't need to be asked twice and was there on the bed in a heartbeat. 

"Let her suck you," she ordered. He eagerly obeyed and knelt beside the head of his lover as she welcomed his engorged member into her mouth like a ravenous animal. The young woman's eyes were wild with sexual yearning, she seemed to be very much enjoying her first female experience as she sucked and feasted fervently on her lover. 

Grace moved down the bed to find Trisha's sweet center with her tongue and skillful fingers. The girl tasted good, sweet like watermelon. She began to flick her tongue in rapid short strokes all around the tiny swollen bud, avoiding her most sensitive part purposefully. Trisha frantically bucked her hips, trying to push Grace's tongue to where she most wanted it to go, whilst sucking hard on her lover. Slipping two fingers inside her Grace began to bring her to the edge, sucking and pushing simultaneously until her tongue ached. 

"On your knees," she snapped, slapping Trisha on the thigh to make it clear the order was for her. Trisha removed her lover's solid length from her mouth and got on all fours quickly. "Fuck her," she said, looking straight into Mr James' hungry eyes. "Yes ma'am" he replied, while sliding into position on the now slippery bed behind his young lover. 

He grabbed her by the waist and slammed himself into her like it was the first time. Trisha let out a loud moan as they began to move in unison. 

Grace moved herself underneath Trisha's body in a sixty-nine position so she could suck and tease both her clients at the same time. 

The tension was building as the two lovers became lost in a sexual frenzy, Grace never taking her tongue away from either of them. She caught his shaft every time he pulled back and her clit every time he thrust in and all with her hand tightly gripped around the base of his shaft. Trisha abruptly dipped her head down and began to flick her tongue over Grace's ready to explode sex. She was obviously a novice and had never been with a woman before which made the awkward moves even more sensual. 

Mr James was ready to cum, she could feel his balls tensing and little miss horny was already at least 3 orgasms in. The pace had picked up and they were all hurling towards the finish line. Trisha came first screaming "Oh my god" over and over as Mr James emptied himself deep into her belly, growling like a wild animal. Grace continued to milk them with her tongue feeling the spasms erupt through their bodies. 

Once her two clients were satisfied Grace let her orgasm take her from deep within. Her body wracked with spasms as she grasped onto the girl above her. Trisha continued to work her with her inexperienced tongue as Grace rode her orgasm for all it was worth. 

Spent, sated and breathless the threesome fell to the bed. Trisha suddenly seemed to tense up again once the throes of passion had subsided. Grace broke the silence by getting off the bed and walking through to the wet room that was visible through the glass wall partition. She turned on the shower and the water began to fall in a blue light like rain from the huge shower head. She stood under the warm jet of water and began to run her hands all over her body feeling every nerve ending in her body tingle beneath her touch. 

Watching her naked body beneath the falling blue lit water was causing Mr James to rise to the occasion once more. Together her clients joined her in the shower for what Grace liked to call dessert!