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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Background Checks or Nah?

Dear Pinkie,

Lool! Why did you act surprised? Cant i call you pet names too? You like it? So are we keeping it? Cool! Pinkie it is then. So Pinkie, happy was kinda slow..woke up late, ate late,didn't go to church..God have mercy. It's a new week,the weather reminding us that Christmas is by the corner... BRB.. I'm back....Watched some movies today,in all it was boring day. I had a memory flash earlier on today,by this time last year i was preparing for my traditional wedding. Today is more memorable in that aspect because my 'i ju ajuju' started today. I ju ajuju in English refers to Background checks, its common during marriage plans involving both sides of the family asking questions as regards their in-laws to be. These questions involve family history of insanity, character of the groom or bride,lineages to be sure there's no incest or relationship and the most important of all if they are OSU. I remember  the story of a lady from my village who's family went for 'I ju ajuju' and had accident and they automatically called it a bad omen! So i prayed when mine started, you know your gurl naa! Knees on the floor face to the sky and i call on my God... Well before my family started theirs yours truly AKA Miss Snoop had already started a personal ajuju!
Stop laughing joor..I've had relationships and since this was marriage i wanted to be sure that there wasn't any hidden behavior. How? C'mon Pinkie! What's that saying 'once bitten twice shy? I've read so many stories on marriage and i didn't want a had-i-known situation. I had a checklist for DH mostly because i didn't want surprises. i hate surprises. My mum and god-mother once told me if your man has more good than bad then hes a keeper,if he has an elder sister even better. DH didn't have a sister but he checked out just right even his family did which was sooo amazing.. I checked if DH was hot and ill tempered,if he was a woman beater, if he was a cheater and the boxes were ticked! These boxes were the most important of all checks. I hear stories of how people get married and few days after the marriage the men turn the women into punching bags or start cheating etc.. Did i do the genotype and blood group check? Yes. Did i do the HIV check? Definitely. His past relationships? Ha! Pinkie calm your titties down..that one is even before the relationship started to mature. I even checked his spirituality too! Mehn! a praying man is necessary biko! Bible says do not be unequally yoked with unbelivers. Aint nobori gat time for evil spirits!lol
Pinkie my bed is calling....tata