Modellahz diaries

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Hey Pinkie,

It's a cold morning here...gosh! I so don't wanna leave my bed *yawns*.
The weather makes sleep so sexy like how do I leave this bed...I woke up with Kurt Carr's song on my mind and my favourite part is on repeat `For every mountain you've brought me over,for every trial you've seen me through...For every blessings hallelujah, for this I give you praise!' So while its replaying and replaying it's got me in the spirit... I'm thinking of going away for a few'd miss me?? Awwwww Pinkie ***hugs*** Sweeney will be taking over for the main time till I get back. You'd like her! I promise! I've got an appointment this morning, wish me luck...miss you too