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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Her Love Returns

She walked through the French doors onto the balcony, her body sheathed in her new translucent pale blue night gown and matching robe. As she watched for him to pull into the driveway, she sipped a glass of her favourite red wine..4th street. Her nipples went from soft to rock hard as the soft silk moved against them thanks to the harmattan breeze that was gently blowing in the evening sky. She knew that if anyone looked up at the correct angle, they would be able to see her body through her clothes, but she didn't care. She wanted him with her and she would watch for him for as long as it took.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, even though it was only minutes, she saw his SUV pull into the driveway and she slipped inside before he could see her; she wanted to surprise him as a treat to welcome him home from the long business trip he'd been on. She heard the garage door open and close; she smiled as she began sprinkling the rose petals from the front door to the bedroom, satisfied that they would be enough to get him quickly to where she was waiting. She closed the door slightly and untied the robe, letting it fall open before she set the glass of wine onto the dresser. She heard the front door open and him call her name as she leaned against the bed, her nipples showing distinctly through the low cut gown. The top of the gown swooped down and showed off just enough of her breasts to grab his attention. The bottom of the gown stopped just below her thighs; she bent one leg at the knee, revealing a hint of her pussy. The dark hair that had once been surrounding her pussy were very short, having been trimmed down earlier that morning.

He called for her again as he nudged the bedroom door open; his eyes widened and his jaw dropped as she murmured, "Welcome home." He stepped completely into the room, closing the door behind him before closing the gap between them. He kissed her hard as his hands dived under the silky night gown, one delved deep within her already soaked pussy while the other gently cupped a breast. She could feel his hard cock press against her and she brushed her hand over the crotch of his pants as she reached for the buttons and zipper of his pants. A growl tore from his throat as he grabbed the hem of the gown and pulled it roughly over her head. She smiled and moaned as he kissed her again before sliding his lips down her neck before stopping at her breasts. He lavished attention on the already achingly hard nipple, inhaled the scent of the perfume she'd worn just for him, the Marc Jacobs he'd picked out for her birthday. His lips travelled the trail of perfume as his fingers drowned in her, laughed gently as she fumbled with the buttons on his pants; she never could get his pants undone if he was wearing them. Using his free hand, he undid his pants and let them, with his boxers drop to the floor at his feet.

She pleaded with him for more as his lips continued their search for the spots on her body that had been touched by the perfume and she moaned loudly when his lips finally touched her clit. He gently pushed her back against the softness of the blanket as he gave into temptation and sank his cock deep within her. They moved against each other as one, her hands were on his head as he kissed her lovingly but passionately, their breathing was hard and erratic as they writhed against each other in delicious agony, searching for their release. He groaned as she nibbled at his neck and in turn, he pulled his lips from hers and scraped his teeth carefully against her nipple.

She screamed his name as she came undone, arched her back and clung to him as she rode the waves of her release. She cried out again when his cum splashed hot inside her; he held her tight and kissed her softly as if he were afraid to let her go. He whispered words of love in her ear…sweet nothings before he pulled away from her. She watched as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. He let it fall to the ground where his pants sat and held out a hand to her; she took it and let him lead her into the bathroom. He turned to her and with a smile filled with love, he asked, "Are you ready for more?"
She smiled back and turned on the water and filled up the large Jacuzzi tub.